5 best position battles for the 2023 Minnesota Vikings

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Alexander Mattison
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Running Back

This a position battle that could really heat up in camp if Dalvin Cook is released or traded. If or when that happens, Alexander Mattison will ascend to the top spot on the depth chart but should he feel safe there?

One Vikings draft pick who is getting heavily praised in pretty much every draft grading article or video out there is running back DeWayne McBride. There's a consensus that he was a huge value pick for the Vikings and is a hard-nosed, physical runner who can be a workhorse type of back.

It wouldn't be surprising to see him begin to turn some heads in camp, quickly becoming the second team back. He could continue playing well, and then we begin to hear rumblings that he's beginning to see some snaps with the first team. Then by the second week of the preseason, we have a true battle on our hands as Mattison and McBride fight it out to be the primary ball carrier on this roster.

There is precedence for this, in Kansas City just last year, Isiah Pacheco emerged throughout camp and by midseason became the Chiefs featured back. It happens quite often and just because the Vikings gave Mattison a two-year, seven-million-dollar contract it doesn't mean he's a lock to be the starter.

Again, this battle only emerges if Cook is released or cut, but it's one to keep an eye on if that first domino does fall.