Chris Simms lights up the Vikings over letting Kirk Cousins sign with Falcons

The analyst had some strong thoughts about Cousin's departure.

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
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Chris Simms lights up the Vikings over letting Kirk Cousins sign with Falcons

So far, Kirk Cousins' Minnesota departure has been the biggest move of the offseason. After spending six successful (statistically, at least) seasons in Minnesota, Cousins signed a four-year deal in Atlanta for up to $180 million.

And while the Vikings certainly have a few years of rebuilding ahead of them, many saw the move to avoid giving a 35-year old quarterback coming off a serious achilles injury close to $200 million as a prudent one. A lot of Minnesota's core was getting up there, NFL-age wise, and moving away from players before they're obviously in decline has proven, more often than not, to be the right decision.

NBC Sports NFL analyst Chris Simms, however, doesn't buy it. Simms – who, for better or worse, always gives his takes with conviction – jumped on Twitter to let it be known how unimpressed he was with Minnesota's attempt to keep Cousins through the rest of his career.

Simms rips Vikings for "letting Cousins out the door"

It's certainly a take! And frankly, there are probably a few Vikings fans that feel the same way. Simms' point on the draft doesn't make quite as much sense though: Minnesota has the 11th pick in this year's draft, and while they only have two Top-100 picks this year (with the other one being 42 overall), they're almost definitely within shouting distance of the QB3-4 range, and are close enough to the top of the draft to trade up if they wanted to get a little nuts.

Plenty of people felt compelled to respond, pointing out that a Cousins-Minnesota fit didn't actually make quite as much sense as it once did.

Chris Simms vs. The Rest of Twitter: a tale as old as time.