Dalton Risner will re-sign with Vikings says controversial former NFL player

Free-agent guard Dalton Risner
Free-agent guard Dalton Risner / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

After emerging as a solid starter at left guard for the Minnesota Vikings last season, some figured that veteran offensive lineman Dalton Risner would end up re-signing with the purple and gold when he became a free agent earlier this year.

However, it's now been over a month since the start of the NFL's 2024 free agency period, and Risner has not only not agreed to a deal to remain with the Vikings, but he hasn't signed a contract with any other team in the league either.

This could potentially change soon, though, as a Twitter account run by a former controversial NFL wide receiver posted something on Thursday that could indicate a return to Minnesota might be coming in the near future for Risner if what the account shared turns out to be true.

Twitter account run by Antonio Brown says Dalton Risner will re-sign with the Minnesota Vikings

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Risner had fired his agent, and the veteran offensive lineman is now represented by longtime NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus.

In addition to Risner, Rosenhaus is also currently the agent for Aaron Jones, Jonathan Greenard, and Brandon Powell, who all signed new contracts with Minnesota earlier this offseason.

Along with the Vikings players he currently represents, Rosenhaus has also spent time during his career as an agent for former Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown, which seems like something to keep in mind after a Twitter account that is allegedly run by Brown posted on Wednesday that Risner will be re-signing with Minnesota.

CTESPNNetwork is an account on Twitter that is believed to be run by Brown, and given the wide receiver's history with Rosenhaus, perhaps he's heard something about Risner returning to the Vikings for another season.

It also seems important to point out that this Twitter account also posted a few weeks ago that the Steelers and Vikings were apparently working on a trade that would've sent Justin Jefferson to Pittsburgh. Minnesota trading Jefferson, of course, is not something that has happened since then, and it doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime soon.

During his time in the NFL and in his post-football career, Brown has never been one to shy away from doing something to draw attention to himself. So any posts he makes on the CTESPNNetowrk account, including the rumor about Risner, could also just be another way for the former Steelers wide receiver to attempt to remain relevant.

Now, Brown could definitely turn out to be correct about Risner re-signing with Minnesota. But at the same time, people should still remain skeptical about it actually happening until a report from a more reliable source is shared with the public.

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