Is Dalvin Cook hinting at a desire to return to the Vikings for the 2024 season?

Free-agent RB Dalvin Cook
Free-agent RB Dalvin Cook / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

About this time one year ago, veteran running back Dalvin Cook was in the middle of searching for a new NFL team to play for after getting released by the Minnesota Vikings a few weeks earlier. Cook eventually signed with the New York Jets and he was looking forward to seeing what he could accomplish in a different uniform.

Unfortunately for the running back, his tenure with the Jets turned out terribly, and after an even shorter stint with the Baltimore Ravens at the end of the 2023 campaign, he's back to looking for a new team this offseason.

Back in May, Cook shared how he's still staying in top shape, and he's being patient with figuring out what team he might end up with this year. Based on some recent social media activity, however, is a return to the Vikings for the 2024 season something he's possibly hoping for?

Does Dalvin Cook want to re-sign with the Minnesota Vikings?

During the last few weeks, Cook has posted a number of video clips on his account of him training and working out. But he's also made multiple posts involving content from his most recent season with Minnesota.

Now, are these posts just Cook looking back fondly on some of the most memorable moments from the 2022 season when he was last seen in a Vikings uniform, or are they a pair of subtle hints that he would be interested in re-signing with Minnesota this year?

Cook has never been one to post things on social media that looked like they were crafted in the Stefon Diggs School of Cryptic Tweets, so, realistically, he was likely just reminiscing about a Vikings campaign in 2022 that was packed full of excitement.

Is it even possible that Minnesota could re-sign its former running back before the start of the 2024 season?

Sure, anything is possible, but with Aaron Jones and Ty Chandler appearing to be at the top of the current Vikings' running back depth chart, Cook would have to be open to having a smaller role in the offense while getting paid a much lower amount than what he made in his last few seasons.

Minnesota is also rumored to have interest in re-signing running back Cam Akers this year. While Cook is coming off the worst season in his NFL career, Akers is still working his way back from tearing his Achilles for the second time since 2021.

Would Cook actually be the better option out of the two?

It all just depends on how much the former Vikings running back would cost and whether or not Minnesota believes it can figure out a way to utilize him in the team's offense next season.

The Vikings have had plenty of players return over the years after spending a season or two elsewhere, including Anthony Barr, Everson Griffen, and even Randy Moss.

Could Cook become the next former Minnesota player to return to the Vikings after realizing the grass wasn't greener as a member of another organization?

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