Former NFL players comment on Dalvin Cook social media drama

Dalvin Cook
Dalvin Cook / Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

We mentioned a few days ago how Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook was conveniently left off the team's new social media header graphic, and on Tuesday, a few former NFL players shared their thoughts on if this is something that actually matters or not.

According to former players A.J. Hawk, Adam "Pacman" Jones, and Darius Butler on Tuesday's episode of "The Pat McAfee Show", Cook being left off of the graphic is very significant.

Have the Minnesota Vikings already moved on from RB Dalvin Cook?

When asked what Cook being left off the graphic means, here's what Hawk had to say about it all.

"This is so stupid that we talk about Twitter things like this, but it's actually real. It's very real. It doesn't mean something is definitely happening, but it means they're pissed, someone's frustrated, and this seems like Dalvin Cook is not going to be on the team anymore."

Jones then went on to say something similar about what Cook being left off of the social media graphic could mean.

"It means something. It means something. You don't just change your Twitter [header]."

Lastly, Butler was brought onto the show as a guest, and he shared his thoughts on the Vikings leaving their top running back off of their social media graphic.

"This is definitely something. Obviously it's new now with social media, Twitter, [Instagram], or whatever. But even when we were playing, you knew when certain things changed or certain people weren't on certain promos.

If it was the Green Bay defense, A.J. Hawk is going to be somewhere in that header, on that brochure, [or] on that program, and if you're not, that's the writing on the wall."

It may seem silly, but judging from what these former players said about the sitution, this has been something that NFL teams have been doing for a long time. The latest version is just the graphics used by teams on social media.

Things could possibly change, but Minnesota has appeared to have already made their decision about Cook's future with the team.