A Vikings-Cardinals trade idea that could result in Justin Jefferson's exit

Minnesota Vikings WR Justin Jefferson
Minnesota Vikings WR Justin Jefferson / David Berding/GettyImages

Whenever the topic of the Minnesota Vikings trading star wide receiver Justin Jefferson is brought up, most of the team's fan base wants absolutely nothing to do with the discussion.

Many, including actual members of the team's front office, don't understand why the Vikings would ever want to consider trading Jefferson at this point in his NFL career.

But what if Minnesota was presented with a trade offer for Jefferson before this year's NFL Draft that allowed them to select one of the top 2024 quarterback prospects and keep some of their other top assets to help them add even more talent to their roster?

Could this offer from the Arizona Cardinals persuade the Minnesota Vikings to trade Justin Jefferson?

Currently, the Arizona Cardinals are in possession of the fourth overall pick in this year's NFL Draft. If the Vikings want to land one of the top 2024 quarterback prospects, acquiring the No. 4 selection from the Cardinals would essentially guarantee that one of the top-four passing prospects would be available for Minnesota to pick.

So, let's say Arizona is interested in listening to what the Vikings might be willing to offer for the No. 4 pick. Minnesota sends over an offer, and the Cardinals think about it, but they ultimately decline it.

However, Arizona decides to send the Vikings their own trade offer that would result in Minnesota acquiring the fourth overall selection.

In exchange for the No. 4 pick in this year's draft, the Vikings would send the Cardinals the No. 11 pick, a 2025 third-round selection, and Justin Jefferson.

With this deal, Minnesota would obviously lose Jefferson, but they would end up with one of the top 2024 quarterback prospects, and they would get to keep the No. 23 pick in this year's draft and their first-round selection in the 2025 draft.

The Vikings likely wouldn't be able to immediately replace Jefferson, but they could definitely use the No. 23 selection on one of this year's top wide receiver prospects to help make up for some of the production that would be lost by parting with the All-Pro pass-catcher.

Guys like Adonai Mitchell of Texas, Brian Thomas Jr. of LSU, and Troy Franklin of Texas are all projected to come off the board somewhere near the end of the first round, and any of these three pass catchers would be a great addition to Minnesota's offense.

The Vikings would also be able to use some of the money they would save by not having to extend Jefferson to sign a wide receiver in free agency in 2025. Minnesota should be able to easily find a talented free-agent receiver or two who won't cost the $35 million per year that many believe Jefferson could end up earning from a contract extension.

Vikings fans shouldn't worry, though. Minnesota trading Jefferson this offseason is still highly unlikely. But if the Vikings were presented with an offer like the one above, it might be hard for them to say no.

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