Ivan Pace Jr. is starting to get league-wide recognition

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce spoke highly of the undrafted Minnesota Vikings rookie on his podcast

Minnesota Vikings linebacker Ivan Pace Jr.
Minnesota Vikings linebacker Ivan Pace Jr. / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It's been apparent among Minnesota Vikings fans for a while now that the team got a steal in undrafted free agency when they signed Ivan Pace Jr. this offseason.

His ascension has been noteworthy, with Pace quickly asserting himself as a starter in Brian Flores' defense over 2022 third-round pick Brian Asamoah.

Through the first four weeks of the regular season, Pace has the fourth-highest overall grade among all rookies, according to Pro Football Focus.

However, outside of Minnesota, Pace has been overshadowed by rookies with higher draft pedigrees, including guys like Jalen Carter, Will Anderson, Devon Witherspoon, and Jack Campbell. That's starting to change, with two high-profile players using their platform to give props to the Vikings rookie.

On a recent episode of the "New Heights" podcast, hosted by Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce and Taylor Swift's boyfriend Travis Kelce (who also coincidentally happens to play football), Jason couldn't help but notice how relentless Pace was on the field when he faced him in Week 2.

"Ivan Pace, former Bearcat, one of the inside linebackers for Minnesota. Dude, we played against him, and I'm not kidding you. That dude is a freaking beast. He is all over the place, quick twitch, a little bit smaller, but he doesn't play like it.

I tried to talk to [Pace] after the game, he big-timed me, he went back in [to the locker room]."

That's high praise coming from a future hall of famer in Jason Kelce. It's especially important for these undrafted players who didn't receive a ton of hype coming out of the draft to get the recognition they deserve.

Hopefully, Pace will be in good enough spirits to talk with Travis Kelce after Minnesota's game on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Nonetheless, if Pace continues to play at such a high level, it won't take long for the whole league to eventually take notice.