Justin Jefferson the latest victim of ruthless online harassment

Football fans haven't been kind to Minnesota Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson during his time out this season

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson
Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

While recovering from a hamstring injury this season, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson has had to deal with harassment from people on social media.

Earlier this week, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson shared a post on his X account that read, "My health is wayyyy more important than you winning your fantasy games. It doesn’t matter how many times y’all flood my dms talking about me selling your team. I DONT CARE😂."

On Friday, Jefferson was asked more about this post and what he's had to deal with from people on social media during the time he's had to miss due to his current hamstring injury. The Vikings receiver revealed that not everyone has exactly been sending "friendly" messages his way during the last few weeks.

"It's honestly crazy. The amount of people that really criticize you and talk very, very bad about you, calling you different names [while] you're just trying to be healthy and be your best on the field.

At the end of the day, it is what it is. I'm more worried about my team and me being healthy, [and] being on the field."

Jefferson then shared why he decided to make a post online to share his frustrations.

"I've been getting [harassed] for five, six weeks now. So, I'm just tired of it. It's just frustrating. It's draining.

Minnesota Vikings WR Justin Jefferson deletes social media accounts on Friday

After Jefferson's comments on Friday, the Star Tribune's Andrew Krammer noticed that the Minnesota wide receiver had appeared to delete his personal accounts on X and on Instagram.

It's disappointing that Jefferson felt the need to delete his accounts, as he used them as a way for fans to get a unique look at the life of the superstar NFL wide receiver.

But thanks to the ridiculous amount of harassment Jefferson has received online recently, he clearly felt that deleting his social media accounts, at least temporarily, was something that had to be done.

As for his status for Minnesota's upcoming game against the Chicago Bears on Monday, Jefferson said on Friday, "I'm not sure, we'll see." He added that he and the Vikings are going to "weigh the options correctly" during the next few days, and if he's "feeling good, [he] will play."