One of the latest Kirk Cousins rumors is extremely infuriating

Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins
Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Among the recent Kirk Cousins rumors is one about the Atlanta Falcons making the quarterback feel more wanted than the Minnesota Vikings.

During the last six years of his NFL career, Kirk Cousins has been paid a grand total of $185 million as a member of the Minnesota Vikings.

In those six seasons, the Vikings made a number of decisions to cater to Cousins and his needs to be a productive quarterback in the NFL. Some of these decisions have included hiring Kevin O'Connell as the team's new head coach, drafting Justin Jefferson and Christian Darrisaw, and trading for T.J. Hockenson.

Well, apparently, almost everything Minnesota has done for the veteran quarterback doesn't seem like it's been enough to convince him to stick around as the team's starting passer beyond the 2023 season.

Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins "wants to feel wanted"

For the last few days, signs have been pointing to Cousins leaving the Vikings this offseason and signing a contract to join the Atlanta Falcons.

As of Thursday, the Vikings and Falcons have almost an identical amount of cap space. Minnesota has $37.1 million in cap space, while Atlanta has $37.5 million.

So, what could the Falcons truly be offering Cousins that has almost everyone thinking his tenure with the Vikings will come to a close next week?

Well, during a recent episode of "The Athletic Football Show" podcast, The Athletic's Dianna Russini was asked aboutthe difference between what she's heard about what Atlanta and Minnesota have offerred Cousins this offseason.

Russini responded with the following answer.

"So the simple answer is Kirk wants to feel wanted. He wants to feel like he's the guy.

All right, so then what does that mean from a contract financial category?

Well, it means guaranteed years, right? Because that means you're not moving on from him, and you're showing him that he's the guy by paying him."

As it was mentioned earlier, Cousins has made $185 million during his six years with the Vikings and the team has done numerous things to provide him with what he needs to be the most successful he can be out on the field.

And yet, he doesn't feel wanted?

O'Connell has spent the last few months drenching Cousins with compliment after compliment, saying how he wants the veteran quarterback to remain in Minnesota.

Guys like Jefferson, Jordan Addison, and countless other teammates have made it clear during the last few weeks that they want Cousins back with the Vikings in 2024.

But because Minnesota would rather not give a 35-year-old quarterback coming off of a torn Achilles injury a two or three-year fully-guaranteed contract, he doesn't feel wanted enough?

If Cousins's main goal is to make as much money as possible during his NFL career, that is completely fine. Very few people get the opportunity to be in the position he's in, so it's okay if he wants to make the most of it.

But if it's true that Cousins is close to signing with the Falcons because they're making him feel more wanted than Minnesota, that's a bunch of garbage.

Shame on the Vikings for wanting to not make another overpriced investment on a guy who has led the franchise to just one playoff win during his six seasons with the team.

Shame on the Vikings for wanting to start planning for the future of their quarterback position during a year in which the NFL Draft is full of some of the best passing prospects in recent memory.

Shame on the Vikings for wanting Cousins to actually compete and earn some of his money instead of everything just being immediately handed to him on a silver platter.

Minnesota has bent over backward and done almost everything they could to make Cousins' life as easy as possible during the last six years.

But the second the Vikings decide to make choices that are more beneficial for the entire franchise and not just one person, Captain Stuff My Bank Account wants out.