4 moves Minnesota Vikings need to make now that the Super Bowl is over

Minnesota needs to act swiftly in order to get themselves back into contention.
Minnesota Vikings, Justin Jefferson
Minnesota Vikings, Justin Jefferson / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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2. Give Justin Jefferson the bag

The nonsensical idea of trading Justin Jefferson seems to be rising in popularity, but in the end, it's going to wind up all smoke. The Vikings are not trading Justin Jefferson. We're talking about arguably the best wide receiver in all of football. Why would the Vikings trade him?

This isn't even a Tyreek Hill situation, where Hill made his demands known and the Chiefs were unwilling to oblige. Jefferson wants to remain in Minnesota, and there has been no indication that Minnesota would be unwilling to pay him what he deserves.

Just how much will Jefferson get in his new deal? Some predict that his contract will come in over $170 million for five years. Minnesota will have to get a little creative in how they allow that deal to hit their salary cap over the coming years, but as we've seen in previous seasons all across the league, the cap is malleable. You can manipulate it, one way or another, if your general manager is creative enough.

This isn't a player you should be willing to sacrifice losing. Jefferson has broken records, left and right, and there is no shot the Vikings trade him, nor do they risk losing him anywhere near free agency.