3 must-see videos from Vikings preseason loss to Seahawks

Vikings fans got a glimpse of some eye-popping playmaking ability on Thursday night

Minnesota Vikings, Jordan Addison
Minnesota Vikings, Jordan Addison / Christopher Mast/GettyImages
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Justin Jefferson didn't play, but he still made the highlight reel

One of the most fun and hottest topics of the last couple of weeks has been NFL Network's "Top 100" series, which of course is a television series dedicated to counting down the top 100 players in the league, as voted on by the players.

When the top 10 players were revealed, fans watched as the list got closer and closer to number one, before Justin Jefferson finally made his appearance as the number two player in all of the NFL, as voted by his peers. With quarterback Patrick Mahomes taking the no. 1 spot, that makes Jefferson the new number one wide receiver in football, today.

During warmups, Jefferson had a little fun and decided to put on a show.

For those who want a more impressive view, here is a still frame shot of that ridiculous one-handed catch, which Jefferson made look so easy.

That still frame might as well become Jefferson's new branded logo. Talk about an iconic look.

Jefferson enters his fourth NFL season having made three Pro Bowls in three years and earning All Pro honors last year. He and the likes of Tyreek Hill have their eyes set on breaking the all-time single-season receiving record in 2023, too, which will be a fun battle to see unfold as the year goes on.

That single-season record set by Calvin Johnson back in 2012 when he finished with 1,964 receiving yards. Last year, Jefferson finished with 1,809, himself.