Vikings Draft 2024: Seven-round offense only mock draft

Former USC wide receiver Brenden Rice
Former USC wide receiver Brenden Rice / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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What could the 2024 NFL Draft look like for the Minnesota Vikings if they only use their selections to pick offensive players?

The 2024 NFL Draft is getting closer for the Minnesota Vikings and the rest of the league every single day.

The NFL Scouting Combine is the next step on the path to the draft, and we will get a better and more clear idea of the size, speed, and ability of some of these prospects.

The Vikings have plenty of holes to fill on defense and are certainly going to address that side of the ball with the majority of their selections. But what would it look like if Minnesota used all of their picks to bolster their offense?

A lot of mock drafts have already occurred, and there are many more to come, so it's kind of fun and interesting to do something different and see how the Vikings draft class could look out under this scenario.

Minnesota does have needs on offense. There's no doubt about that.

They need to find a quarterback of the future and a running back who can actually move the football on the ground. They could stand to add an upgrade at center and also need to fill out the wide receiver depth, especially if K.J. Osborn leaves in free agency like he's expected to.

So here's a seven-round 2024 mock draft where the Vikings only pick offensive players.

First-Round Pick (11th Overall)

J.J. McCarthy - QB (Michigan)

When going with an offense only mock draft, getting a quarterback is a good place to start. J.J. McCarthy is a name that has gotten red-hot in recent weeks to the point where many are projecting him to land inside the top 10.

McCarthy has good size at 6-foot-3 and 202 pounds. He has a strong arm and isn't afraid to put the ball into tight windows. He also is a high-level athlete who can make plays with his legs.

What's more impressive about his athleticism is his accuracy when he's throwing the ball on the run. He completed around 70 percent of his passes when throwing on the move, and that was tops amongst all the quarterbacks in the draft this year.

The knocks on McCarthy mostly stem from the type of offense he was in. He was in a conservative, run-heavy attack at Michigan. He wasn't asked to do too much and had more of a game manager type of role.

While that is true, he did make a ton of key throws when he needed to, and just because he wasn't in a pass-heavy attack, it doesn't mean he can't be the man like he would be in KOC's system.

Getting McCarthy at pick No. 11 is starting to look like a best-case scenario for the Vikings. The dude is red hot right now and could ascend the draft board even further if he has a good performance at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Minnesota may even have to trade up if they want to guarantee his services.