Vikings receive high marks on NFLPA Team Report Cards for 2024

Kirk Cousins
Kirk Cousins / Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

For the second year in a row, the Minnesota Vikings got a lot of praise for their team operations on the NFLPA Report Cards.

Last year, the Minnesota Vikings received extremely high marks on the NFLPA Team Report Card and the recently released 2024 grades reflect that the team remains among the elite franchises when it comes to player experiences.

The Vikings have invested a lot of time and effort into creating a great atmosphere for the team and that has been made apparent when the NFLPA continues to praise their efforts by sharing the results of over 1,700 surveys answered by players around the league.

On Wednesday, the results of the most recent surveys were shared on the NFLPA website and Minnesota once again was among the highest-graded franchises in the league according to the survey results calculated by Artemis Strategy Group.

The Minnesota Vikings were elite in a few categories

When looking at the report card, it's clear that the Minnesota Vikings are the absolute best in a few areas. In fact, the team received first place marks in four different categories on the NFL Player Team Report for 2024.

Here are the categories that the Vikings placed first in:

- Treatment of Families
- Nutritionist/Dietician
- Locker Room
- Strength Coaches

To go along with their four first place finishes, Minnesota was second in four other categories.

- Training Room
- Team Travel
- Head Coach
- Ownership

In the eleven categories, the lowest the Vikings ranked was No 9. Here is how they ranked in the three remaining categories:

- Food/Cafeteria (7th)
- Weight Room (8th)
- Training Staff (9th)

""The Vikings continue to impress across all categories in our second annual survey. Their facilities are incredible; their staff is rated highly by players; and the workplace experience for Vikings players is enhanced by the continued commitment by ownership to providing a world-class experience for players.""


It's great to see that the players think highly of the Minnesota Vikings' commitment to excellence. The team creates an environment that is appealing to free agents and helps to keep their current players and their families content.

Overall, the Minnesota Vikings finished second to only the Miami Dolphins on the 2024 NFL Team Report Cards. The Wilf family and the team's staff as well as amenities continue to be among the best in their category in the NFL.