Vikings Rumors: Minnesota's asking price for Danielle Hunter potentially revealed

What would cause the Minnesota Vikings to agree to trade Danielle Hunter?
Minnesota Vikings pass rusher Danielle Hunter
Minnesota Vikings pass rusher Danielle Hunter / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Mixed in with some of the latest Minnesota Vikings rumors is what the team could potentially be looking to get in return from a trade that involves Danielle Hunter.

With this season's trade deadline now less than two weeks away, there have been plenty of Minnesota Vikings rumors floating around recently. One of the most interesting rumors was shared on Friday, and it involves Vikings star pass rusher Danielle Hunter.

With Hunter currently in the final year of his contract and Minnesota sitting at the bottom of the NFC with a 2-4 record heading into Week 7, a number of people have speculated that the veteran pass rusher could be on the move before this season's trade deadline on October 31.

But since the Vikings don't sound like they're ready to give up on the 2023 season quite yet, they probably would like to keep Hunter around to help out in their efforts to get everything back on track.

Vikings Rumors: First-round pick could be what it takes for Minnesota to trade Danielle Hunter

On Friday, ESPN's Jeremy Fowler shared some of the latest rumors related trade deadline that he's heard from around the NFL, and he had some interesting info about Hunter.

"The sense is it would take a sizable deal to pry [Hunter away from the Vikings]. One league exec who's very high on Hunter said he's not in position to give up a first-rounder for him, suggesting that might be what it would require."

A first-round pick in exchange for a pass rusher who is about to 30 on October 29 might seem like a lot for some teams to give up. But Hunter is currently playing at a very high level this season, and a contending team might view him as a final piece that could get them over the hump to win a championship.

In his six games this season, the Minnesota pass rusher has racked up eight sacks (currently the most in the NFL), 12 pressures, 11 tackles for a loss, and seven quarterback hits.

If the Vikings lose to the San Francisco 49ers on Monday and fall to 2-5, then parting with Hunter before this year's trade deadline could become even more realistic.

When the Vikings take the field for their first game after the trade deadline on October 31st, will their longtime pass rusher still be on their roster?