Vikings Rumors: Ownership could be sabotaging Justin Jefferson contract

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson
Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

One recent Minnesota Vikings rumor should raise some eyebrows in the fan base as it has to do with the franchise's future with wide receiver Justin Jefferson.

Justin Jefferson is arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL right now, and just about everyone agrees that the Minnesota Vikings should give him one of the most lucrative non-quarterback contracts in league history.

Well, some recent info might reveal why contract talks between the Vikings and Jefferson have been a hot topic recently.

Most have assumed that Minnesota would just be willing to give the superstar wide receiver just about whatever he wants when it comes to a new contract. However, that might not be the case.

Vikings Rumors: Minnesota's ownership could be getting in the way of a Justin Jefferson extension

During a recent interview on Minnesota's KFXN-FM radio, ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio had the following to say about the Vikings' current contract talks with their All-Pro wide receiver.

"The Vikings are one of the few teams [in the NFL] that will not fully guarantee beyond the first year of the contract for anyone other than Kirk Cousins.

If you’re not going to make that same exception for Justin Jefferson, you are going to have a problem with Justin Jefferson eventually."

Florio makes it sound like Minnesota's ownership has typically put their foot down when it has come to giving fully guaranteed money to non-quarterbacks past the first year of a new contract.

For the most part, that's completely fine and understandable. But when it comes to Jefferson, an exception needs to be made.

The Vikings' top wide receiver has been breaking a number of impressive team and league records ever since he entered the NFL back in 2020. And despite his massive amount of success already, there's still a good chance that he hasn't even reached his full potential yet.

Combine this with the fact that Jefferson would be a tremendous asset for Minnesota to have whenever they end up moving on from Kirk Cousins. Having Jefferson to throw to would make life so much easier for a young quarterback attempting to adjust to the pro level.

Many still expect the Vikings and their No. 1 wide receiver to agree to an extension in the near future, but if they don't, it seems like most of the blame can be placed on the shoulders of the guys who sit in the owners' suite for each game.