New Vikings uniform could be in the works for 2025

Minnesota Vikings helmet
Minnesota Vikings helmet / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, the Minnesota Vikings took advantage of an NFL rule change and they created "The Vikings Classic" uniform for the 2023 season.

The new threads were a big hit among the majority of the Vikings fan base and it seems like that might only be the beginning when it comes to the team introducing new uniforms.

On Wednesday, the NFL sent out a memo revealing that it has revised the league's helmet policy once again to allow for all teams to have the ability to wear up to three different helmets during a season, starting in 2025.

What does the NFL's new helmet rule change mean for the Minnesota Vikings?

The league's memo also revealed that teams that are currently in the middle of a full uniform re-design will be able to take advantage of the new three-helmet rule for the 2024 season. Minnesota is not one of these teams, which is why they will have to wait until 2025 if they want to introduce a third helmet design.

Currently, the Vikings have two different helmet designs. They have the one with a black face mask that they wear with their normal uniform that was first introduced before the 2013 season, and they also now have the helmet design with the gray face mask that they used last year for their "Vikings Classic" uniform.

When it comes to how Minnesota could potentially take advantage of the NFL's new three-helmet rule in 2025, they have a number of possibilities.

Bringing back a more modern throwback like the Philadelphia Eagles did last season with their Kelly Green uniform seems intriguing. Perhaps the Vikings could bring back their away uniform design from the late 1990s that featured a glossy purple helmet and a purple and gold vertical stripe on each shoulder of the jersey.

Minnesota could also introduce something completely new.

During the last two seasons, the Vikings have held a "Winter Whiteout" game, during which they wear their all-white away uniform for a home matchup inside U.S. Bank Stadium. Maybe Minnesota could take it one step further and make their helmet white as well for these matchups?

Or, what if the Vikings want to embrace their inner darkness and come up with an all-black uniform design that also includes a black helmet? Minnesota could even create an all-gold uniform if they truly wanted to. But the all-white or all-black designs seem like they would be more popular with the fan base than an all-gold design.

How the Vikings decide to take advantage of the NFL's new three-helmet rule is something that we, unfortunately, won't get to find out until 2025.

Hopefully, the wait turns out to be worth it.

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