Public reaction to Kirk Cousins in 'Quarterback' might surprise some

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

Following the release of the "Quarterback" docuseries on Netflix, people have been left with a positive impression of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Before Netflix released the "Quarterback" docuseries last week, Minnesota Vikings signal-caller Kirk Cousins was an easy target for football fans to joke about.

But a few days after the release of the show, people seem to be developing a new respect for Cousins both on the field and off of the field.

Does this mean the Vikings quarterback will no longer be used as a punching bag by some of the national media during the upcoming season? Let's not get our hopes up, but at the very least, the public image of Cousins appears to have taken a step in the right direction.

NFL fans praise Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins after watching "Quarterback" on Netflix

"Quarterback" has quickly gained a ton of popularity on Netflix during the last few days, and with the show's popularity has come some surprising praise of Cousins from people online.

Most of the new respect for Cousins seems to come from the docuseries bringing to light how he was able to remain on the field each week despite the punishment he took out on the field each game.

His toughness is certainly something that has been known about by most Vikings fans. But thanks to "Quarterback", the rest of the NFL fan base can no longer ignore it.