Cullen Loeffler Says Chris Kluwe Laughed at Mike Priefer’s ‘Joke’


Moral crusader Chris Kluwe is working hard to get across the message that homophobic bigotry is no laughing matter. But it doesn’t seem Mr. Kluwe himself has always felt so negatively about the words he now decries.

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According to Vikings long-snapper and Mike Priefer witness Cullen Loeffler, Kluwe himself laughed when Priefer unleashed the most infamous of his investigation-launching, litigation-inspiring, distraction-creating remarks.

In comments to the media before day one of camp in Mankato, Loeffler talked about Priefer’s “nuke the gays” line (via KFAN):

"“I thought it was a joke,” Loeffler said of the Priefer comments. “We all laughed at it. [Kluwe] laughed at it too.”"

Though Kluwe claims Priefer made multiple homophobic remarks, the Vikings investigation could find evidence of only the one statement. Priefer himself denied making the remark twice before finally admitting it, and now he faces at least a two game suspension and some sensitivity training.

Kluwe himself is coming across less credible by the day. In addition to Loeffler’s comments, there is the revelation in the Vikings’ report that Kluwe himself made tasteless jokes about the Jerry Sandusky case.

Kluwe has characterized that revelation as a leak intended to smear him, and responded by threatening to air some of the team’s own dirty laundry in public. What does he feel about Loeffler making him look like even more of a hypocrite?

I’m sure it won’t take long for Kluwe to respond. Just follow @ChrisWarcraft for all the latest vitriol.

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