Report: Adrian Peterson Indicted for Child Injury After Disciplining Son With Switch


It’s been only a short time since the report first came down that Adrian Peterson had been indicted on charges of reckless or negligent injury to a child, and now we have our initial account of the incident that actually led to the charge.

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This account is no doubt going to lead to a lot more debate not unlike the discussions opened up by the Ray Rice incident.

Per Ian Rapoport:

Peterson was absent from Vikings practice Thursday but was back in the facility on Friday and the Vikings are reportedly deciding about his status for the weekend.

I will leave it up to the individual reader to decide for themselves whether they think giving a kid the switch should be an indictable offense.

People have different experiences in life. For some, that may not sound like that big a deal. For others, it may sound like something unspeakably horrifying.

It kind of all depends on where you come from. And I’ll leave it there. No doubt, emotions will run high as this incident is discussed in the media, on Twitter and elsewhere.