Report: Vikings Will Sign McLeod Bethel-Thompson to Practice Squad


This is the surest sign yet that the Vikings don’t expect Matt Cassel to be returning any time soon. Per Adam Caplan, the Vikings are set to sign QB McLeod Bethel-Thompson to the practice squad.

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Yes, MBT is reportedly back in the fold. Paul Allen is just about beside himself with happiness.

The Vikings of course had MBT in camp a couple of years ago, and he did enough in preseason garbage time to become something of a fan favorite.

The Vikes didn’t have enough roster spots to keep MBT around and he eventually left town and landed with the San Francisco 49ers.

The long and winding road of MBT led him out of San Francisco and onto the New England Patriots practice squad for a brief time. Now it’s back to Minnesota for the big-armed MBT, a product of that vaunted Sacramento State football program.

On the surface, this does not look like good news for Matt Cassel, who reportedly suffered multiple fractures in his foot on Sunday.

If the Vikings are picking up a third QB, even just for the practice squad, it likely means they don’t expect Cassel back for a long time. We probably should have guessed that given the reports on his injury.

Teddy Bridgewater and Christian Ponder will be your two active game day QBs for the time-being. And MBT is in reserve just in case they need him down the road.