Report: Chiefs Officially Out of Duron Carter Chase


The number of suitors believed to still be courting former CFL star Duron Carter has been reduced to two. No one knows with 100% certainty who those two teams are but we do know one of them is not the Kansas City Chiefs. The Kansas City Star reports that the Chiefs have officially dropped out of the running for Carter’s services.

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A report two days ago had the Indianapolis Colts as the front-runner to sign Carter, but a prior report said Carter’s own preference was to sign with the Vikings. The Chiefs and Browns also put Carter through workouts.

Through deductive reasoning, it’s easy to conclude that the two teams who remain in on Carter are the Vikings and Colts, but there is no true confirmation that either team is still interested.

Carter will be eligible to sign with an NFL team on February 10 and then we’ll have our answer. Lots of Viking fans are calling for Carter to be signed, but a lot are calling for the Vikings to stay away from the son of former superstar Cris Carter.

Why the hesitation among some fans? It may have something to do with Carter’s sketchy history, which includes getting run out of a couple college programs due to academics.

It could also have something to do with their desire for the team to address WR in the draft, possibly by taking Teddy Bridgewater‘s former Louisville teammate DeVante Parker.

A couple more weeks of nearly-unbearable suspense and we’ll know for sure if Duron will don the purple like his father before him.