Vikings May Want Adrian Peterson Back, But Does He Want to Come Back?


Greg Jennings says he speaks for the entire organization from the Wilfs on down when he insists the Vikings want Adrian Peterson back (via

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"“I don’t know if he’ll be back. I can’t answer that question,” Jennings said. “But what I do know is that if he does come back, he’d be accepted with open arms. As an organization from the Wilfs on down, we all want him back. So, I mean, it’s a touchy subject and he’s been the franchise player – face of that team – for eight years. So it will be a loss, a huge loss, if we can’t get him back, and that’s the nature of this business.”"

But the one person Jennings can’t speak for is Adrian Peterson himself.

The players and coaches may have made up their minds that they want Adrian to return. The Wilfs may support Adrian. Rick Spielman may think it’s in the best interests of the team to continue with Peterson as the featured running back. Cap expert Rob Brzezinski may have the numbers figured out.

But where does Adrian Peterson stand?

Peterson has given indications that Minnesota might not be the best place for him and his family anymore. He’s also expressed an interest in playing out the remainder of his Hall of Fame career in his home state of Texas.

Outside of these little hints, sprinkled here and there along the way, no one knows where Peterson’s heart truly lies. Ultimately, it may not come down to Peterson’s heart as much as his wallet.

Peterson is due to make $15 million from the Vikings in 2015. He’ll get paid if he hits the open market, but not $15 million.

The Wilfs may love Adrian Peterson and want him to return but they don’t want to pay a 30-year-old running back $15 million for one season.

Loyalty is great but fiscal responsibility is what the Vikings truly believe in. In the name of flexibility, the Vikings will want to get Peterson’s cap number down.

A new contract is do-able, and would be in the Vikings’ best interest as well as Peterson’s. But will Peterson do it?

Would Peterson rather end his relationship with the Vikings and take his chances on the open market? In that matter, Adrian Peterson must speak for himself. And he has been largely silent thus far.

Soon, Peterson will have to speak, to Rick Spielman and Zygi Wilf. Will he ask for a trade or a release? Will he accept new contract terms with Minnesota? Even Greg Jennings doesn’t know the answers.

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