What Does Kevin Warren’s Promotion Mean for Adrian Peterson?


It sounds like a wacked-out conspiracy theory coming from the brain of Mike Florio, but Florio isn’t the only one saying it. Even the vanilla Ben Goessling has thrown it out there that Kevin Warren’s promotion by the Vikings to COO could signal the end of Adrian Peterson’s days in Minnesota.

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These dots really aren’t that hard to connect.

Late last year, Adrian Peterson indicated that there were people in the Vikings’ organization who were not on his side as he battled the NFL.

Adam Schefter reported that the anti-Peterson individual at Winter Park was then-general counsel Kevin Warren.

Today, as the Vikings are assumed to be mulling what to do about Peterson, they announced Warren’s promotion.

Warren getting a bump up the ladder doesn’t prove the Vikings are ready to part ways with Adrian Peterson. But you can’t deny that it’s an interesting move given Warren’s reported role in Peterson’s situation.

What exactly was Warren’s role? Per Schefter, Warren actively worked with the NFL to keep Peterson off the field in 2014.

If Warren was the behind-the-scenes man doing the dirty work for the Vikings while they publicly stayed mum about Peterson, what does it mean for Peterson that Warren has now been promoted to a prominent public role?

It’s natural to ask that question.

In the meantime, the Vikings continue to say the same things in public that they’ve said all along. They want Adrian Peterson back. Cause he’s a great guy who does lots of stuff in the community.

But who knows what sentiments are being expressed behind closed doors. We do know this: Kevin Warren is someone the Wilfs obviously listen to, and he reportedly is against Adrian Peterson.

Theorize away.

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