Mike Zimmer Says Vikings Won’t Look For Running Back In Free Agency


The Vikings’ organizational position on Adrian Peterson has been clear and consistent. Everyone from Mark Wilf on down has reiterated over and over that the Vikings want Peterson back as soon as he is allowed to come back.

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It can get a little monotonous listening to guys intone the same dry talking points repeatedly, so Mike Zimmer decided to change it up by restating the same position in a slightly different way. At the combine the coach told the media:

So I guess that means no DeMarco Murray? There goes my fifty-part master plan RIGHT DOWN THE DRAIN.

In all seriousness, you can’t blame Zimmer if he’s getting a little annoyed by the endless Adrian Peterson questions. It’s not his job to pick the players or to deal with the players’ off-field issues, it’s just his job to coach.

As one of the organization’s many public faces however, he is occasionally required to stand there and say whatever Rick Spielman and the higher-ups have decided needs to be said about a certain issue. Zimmer put a little different spin on the “Adrian Peterson is coming back” mantra but really ended up saying nothing new.

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