Report: Adrian Peterson Wants to Play for Dallas, Vikings Not Willing to Make Trade


You thought you’d get through the whole weekend without another big piece of Adrian Peterson speculation hitting the net? You thought wrong.

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Jason Cole of Bleacher Report hits us with a report from “a high-ranking NFL source” saying Adrian Peterson has made it known that he wishes to play for Dallas. Cole stops short of saying that Peterson has requested a trade, but a trade is one of two ways that Peterson could get to Dallas, the other being an outright release followed by a signing with the Cowboys.

Cole goes on to say that the Vikings are not willing to trade Peterson to Dallas at this time:

It’s not news that Peterson would welcome a move to Dallas, since he’s reportedly made that known in the past, even calling Jerry Jones out of the blue at one point to float the idea.

This new report makes it seem that Peterson is doing more than floating ideas in out-of-the-blue phone calls. This makes it seem that he is sending a strong message to the Vikings about a desire to play elsewhere, specifically Dallas.

We’ve heard from Peterson himself that he’s wavering on wanting to remain in Minnesota, but this sounds like more than wavering. This sounds like a definite “get me out of Minnesota” signal.

The Vikings may be unwilling to accommodate Peterson at present, but that could change if they ever get down to discussing actual trade details. You have to believe if Rick Spielman gets the chance to make a good deal, he will pull the trigger.

And that may be exactly what Adrian Peterson is hoping for.

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