Adrian Peterson’s Dad Calls Out Vikings COO Kevin Warren


Adrian Peterson’s camp is leaving little doubt about who the true villain is in the on-going face-off between Adrian and the Vikings.

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Last week in his remarks to ESPN, Peterson mentioned that not everyone in the Vikings’ front office was on his side last year when he was battling to get back on the field. Peterson didn’t name any names but everyone knew he was talking about COO Kevin Warren, who in his old capacity as chief counsel reportedly worked with the NFL to keep Peterson off the field.

Peterson may not feel he is in a position to call anyone out by name but that clearly isn’t the case for members of his family. Peterson’s father Nelson recently took on the hatchet man role and called out Warren for his role in wiping out most of Peterson’s 2014 season (via Pioneer-Press):

"“Kevin Warren was a major player in the push last year to not have Adrian reinstated,” Nelson said. “We had our sources that we knew that Kevin wasn’t working for Adrian to get him back on the field and was working to keep Adrian off the field.”"

Warren was promoted to COO by the Vikings just weeks ago in an apparent push to have a more consistent and forceful public voice during times of controversy. Rick Spielman, Mark Wilf and the rest of the brain trust did a terrible job speaking on behalf of the organization during the Peterson mess last year.

Nelson Peterson’s remarks certainly imply that Peterson is unhappy with Warren’s ever-increasing role inside the Vikings’ organization. Nevertheless, Nelson told the Pioneer-Press that Adrian is not seeking a trade.

If Peterson doesn’t want a trade out of Minnesota, then what exactly is his intention here? The Vikings are not going to fire Kevin Warren just because Peterson doesn’t like him. Nor are they going to simply cut Peterson and let him go wherever he wants without first taking a long look at the trade market.

I can’t begin to imagine what good Nelson Peterson thinks he’s doing by saying this stuff. Between these statements and Peterson’s agent nearly getting in a fist fight with a Vikings exec, it’s beginning to look like Peterson has surrounded himself with clowns. And Peterson himself is beginning to look like the head clown.

Peterson and everyone connected to him should shut up now and let the process play out. Let’s see if they’re smart enough to figure that out.

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