Jerome Felton Could Return to Vikings If Adrian Peterson Comes Back


Earlier this month Jerome Felton voided the last year of his contract, making himself a free agent. Most believed this spelled the end of Felton’s time in Minnesota but evidently the door is still open on a return for the fullback.

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According to Felton, whether he comes back for another year with the Vikings all depends on what the team does with a certain other running back.

Note: Felton says the Vikings have talked to him about returning IF Adrian comes back. This is as close as we’ve come to an actual report that the Vikings are considering NOT bringing Adrian back.

Regardless of what they might say in public, it makes sense that the Vikings would explore all options with Peterson including not bringing him back. It also makes sense for Felton to see what happens with Peterson before signing on anywhere. Felton knows what side his bread is buttered on.

It could be that Felton voided his contract with the express intention of being free to follow Peterson should he wind up on another team. It also looks like the Vikings would happily welcome Felton back to block for Peterson should they be able to work it out with #28.

Of course, if you’re the Vikings and you want to make nice with Peterson, it probably doesn’t hurt to also make nice with his favorite blocker and good pal Felton. Isn’t it nice to see everyone playing nice?

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