Vikings, Adrian Peterson Allowed to Talk While NFL Plays More Games


Adrian Peterson’s suspension may have been overturned by a federal judge but that doesn’t mean the NFL has to like it. It also doesn’t mean they have to reinstate him.

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Judge Doty’s ruling may have found that the NFL improperly applied their own policy under the CBA but it did not free Peterson. It merely kicked the matter back to the NFL, who have somewhat annoyingly elected to appeal in the courts.

Why appeal? When you’re the NFL and you have practically unlimited funds at your disposal, why not appeal?

Peterson has been somewhat of a pawn all along in this high-stakes game of legal chess between the NFL and the NFLPA, and that will seemingly continue.

Though Peterson is not reinstated, his status did change with Judge Doty’s ruling, and that’s actually good news for him and the Vikings. While the appeal thing plays out, Peterson is back on the exempt list and is now allowed to talk to the Vikings.

Before Minnesota was only allowed to deal with Peterson’s agent, and we know what that led to.

Hopefully when/if the Vikings and Peterson do sit down for a heart-to-heart, things will stay friendly and non-contact. It’s believed that Peterson is not actively seeking a trade but that could change depending on what the Vikings say to him.

From a legal point-of-view, there is nothing more to say on this until the appeal is heard, possibly in June. In the meantime…you see those llamas yesterday? Crazy llamas.

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