Vikings Have Been In Contact With Adrian Peterson


Hard feelings or no hard feelings, the Minnesota Vikings and Adrian Peterson are going to have to sit down at some point and hash out their differences. The $15 million cap number Peterson carries for 2015 assures that conversation will happen.

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The Vikings were previously barred from talking to Peterson but that roadblock was removed when Peterson’s suspension was overturned by Judge Doty (though Peterson does remain on the exempt list while the NFL works on their appeal).

And it appears the Vikings are availing themselves of the opportunity to get in touch with Peterson. Rick Spielman confirmed this morning from Gophers pro day that the team has been in contact with their disgruntled employee. Spielman refused to elaborate further than that.

So what does “contact” even mean? Could mean a quick text message. Could mean a long heart-to-heart conversation in a hot tub with margaritas. WE JUST DON’T KNOW.

We do know that, sooner rather than later, the Vikings will want to get together with Peterson for a face-to-face and figure out what to do next.

Option 1: Cut AD outright and let him find a new situation. Option 2: Trade him to a new situation. Option 3: Keep him but restructure his contract. Option 4: Keep him but pay him the full value of his current contract for at least one more year.

Option 3 still seems the most likely but don’t count out option 2 or even option 1. Option 4…pretty much forget it.

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