Adrian Peterson Trade Rumors: Vikings and Cardinals Talking Deal?


Just a little rumor to pass along this Selection Sunday. Don’t know how much credence to give it but…we report, you decide.

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Here it is: Jordan Schultz of NBC Sports Radio’s Kup & Schultz says he is hearing “chatter” about the Vikings and Cardinals working on a deal that would send Adrian Peterson and a 7th round pick to Arizona in exchange for a 2nd round pick.

The rumor seems credible, at least on the surface, for several reasons.

1. Peterson has reportedly said he favors Arizona as a trade destination.

2. Arizona reportedly would be willing to give up a “high pick” in order to acquire Peterson.

3. The Vikings just got back an extra 7th rounder in the Mike Wallace trade. Rick Spielman has already shown his willingness to turn around recently-acquired draft picks by using the 5th he got for Matt Cassel to acquire Mike Wallace.

This is all still highly speculative but the pieces do appear to be fitting together. One report here, one report there and it begins to form a picture.

Is this picture a correct picture or a phantom one composed of false reports?

What you believe all depends on where you stand as regards Peterson. If you want him back in purple, you’re probably not going to be inclined to accept this report.

As always, we remain in wait-and-see mode.

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