Greg Jennings Shows Class in Exit from Vikings; Exec Steve LaCroix Should Take Notes


The Vikings have had their share of face-palms over the years but this one is bad. And it’s also hilarious.

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Saturday the Vikings brought in newly-acquired WR Mike Wallace to get acquainted with the folks at Winter Park and have his first session with the media people who’ll be making his life miserable for the next couple years.

The whole thing was a dog-and-pony show put on for Wallace’s benefit and for ours. The Vikes wanted Wallace to feel welcome while also helping to quiet some of the chatter about his being upset with getting traded to a place he spurned in free agency two years ago (Wallace played his part well by smiling and calling Minneapolis a great city).

Part of Happy Happy Mike Wallace Day in the Twin Cities was a trip to the Vikings’ New Stadium Preview Center, a virtual tour designed to dazzle prospective season ticket holders into shelling out loads of cash for seats at the new Vikings home set to open in 2016. put up video of Wallace being led on this tour, so fans can get a taste of the ass-kissing that goes on when marketing people interact with athletes.

An unfortunate moment occurs however when Vikings exec Steve LaCroix tries to crack a joke at the expense of Greg Jennings, the man the Vikings cut to make way for Wallace and his salary. While passing a wall painted with images of Vikings players, LaCroix points to the now-departed Jennings and cackles to Wallace “We got a spot for you!”

Super classy Steve LaCroix.

I wonder if for a second Mike Wallace thought about grabbing that dingleberry by the collar and shaking the douche out of him. It could not have set well with Mr. Wallace, having a respected colleague like Jennings get treated like trash by some dude in a suit.

Or maybe Wallace is the type of guy who doesn’t really care about those kind of things. I don’t know.

Bad as it was for LaCroix to crack that kind of joke at that moment, disrespecting Jennings while giving Wallace a pretty negative impression of how the Vikings’ front office treats out-going players, the real offense happened when some idiot unbelievably put the clip on the team’s website for all to see.

The numbskull responsible either didn’t notice it was Jennings that LaCroix was joking about or they did notice that detail and it didn’t register that this might be taken the wrong way.

Incompetence or tone-deafness? What say you, Antoine Winfield?

Meanwhile, here’s how Greg Jennings went out (take notes Steve LaCroix):

Would if everyone in the Vikings organization possessed Jennings’ sense of decorum. Steve LaCroix, grow up. And video folks at, wake the hell up.

(h/t Reddit)

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