Mike Wallace’s Former Teammate Maurkice Pouncey Calls Him a Coward (Video)


A lot of fans are wondering what kind of guy the Vikings are getting in newly-acquired WR Mike Wallace. Is Wallace really the pain some people portray him to be, or is that reputation overblown?

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And what about the time Wallace reportedly pulled himself out of a game before halftime? What did Wallace’s teammates think of that move?

Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore what Wallace’s former mates thought of that particular move and Wallace’s attitude in general. The Pouncey Twins, both of whom have played with Wallace, were happy to give their opinion on the matter.

And it’s kind of ugly:


All right, so the Pounceys are just two players and their opinions don’t count for much.


Maurkice Pouncey obviously isn’t speaking for just himself and his brother when he calls Wallace a coward. Many of Wallace’s former teammates also feel the same way.

Mike Pouncey goes further, saying he’s glad the Dolphins got rid of Wallace and some other guys who weren’t good for the team.

That Wallace is something of a turd who has not always done the right thing by his teammates is not news to anyone who’s been paying attention. Surely the Vikings knew all this stuff about Wallace before pulling off the trade.

Are the Vikings worried about Wallace getting up to his old tricks again in Minnesota? They might be. But maybe they’re just hoping they can get some legitimate production out of Wallace before whatever crap is going to happen inevitably happens.

Wallace seems like one of those short-shelf-life players like Percy Harvin. Get him in, get what you can, and get him out with a minimum of damage.

I’d say we’ll be lucky if we get two good years out of Mike Wallace before the inevitable implosion. That might be all Rick Spielman is banking on.

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