Mike Priefer Is About to Do a Ryan Longwell/Chris Kluwe Job On Cullen Loeffler


It came as a great shock to many when the Vikings signed Ryan Longwell to a four-year deal only to dump him the next season after drafting Blair Walsh.

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It also came as a shock to some when the Vikings drafted Jeff Locke and then cut Chris Kluwe without the benefit of a camp competition.

In light of those two situations, there is no reason to be shocked anymore when the Vikings lock down a player at a given special teams position only to sniff around other players who do the same job. Nor should we be shocked when the Vikings then use a draft pick on said special teamer even though it goes against conventional wisdom to draft specialists.

It meant nothing to Mike Priefer that Ryan Longwell was under contract for three more years. He still went looking for a better, younger kicker, and when he found the right guy he passed that information on to Rick Spielman who had no hesitation in drafting Blair Walsh.

It also meant nothing to Priefer that his pal Chris Kluwe still had one year left on his deal. He saw something he liked in Jeff Locke (what that could have been is anyone’s guess, as Locke has been terrible) and again Spielman was happy to use a draft pick so Priefer could have his new, compliant, focused punter.

And that brings us to this year. Recently, the Vikings re-signed free agent long snapper Cullen Loeffler to a one-year deal. So that means Loeffler is assured a job in 2015 right?

Well guess what Cullen Loeffler fans? Mike Priefer is on the prowl for your guy’s replacement. Tony Pauline reports that Priefer himself was at Brown University pro day to look at center Courtland Clavette, who is ranked by scouts as one of the top two long snappers in the draft.

So if history means anything, this is how it will play out. The Vikings will use a late pick on Courtland Clavette or some other long snapper Priefer has become infatuated with (they don’t care that nobody drafts long snappers). Cullen Loeffler will be cut despite having a one-year deal in place. Some Viking fans will be shocked that they did good old Loeffler like that.

You know who won’t be shocked? Ryan Longwell or Chris Kluwe. This is just how it works if you’re a Vikings specialist. That contract means squat.

It was nice knowing you Loeffler.

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