Bill Polian Thinks It Would Take Multiple 1st Round Picks to Land Adrian Peterson


Before Bill Polian was paid to be a TV talking head, he was paid to be an NFL GM. So presumably he knows a thing or two about what a given player would/should be worth in a trade.

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And this guy who used to be an NFL GM, who is still highly respected in some circles because of what he did with the Indianapolis Colts many years ago, thinks no team will get Adrian Peterson in a trade unless they are willing to give up the farm.

Polian reckons that for some team to get Peterson they would have to give up multiple first round picks or an elite player.

That sounds like an awful lot to give up for a guy who is 30 and basically missed an entire season.

Speculation on what the Vikings might expect to get in a trade for Peterson IN THE REAL ACTUAL PRESENT WORLD has suggested they would be lucky to get a 4th.

In other words, if Bill Polian is right about Peterson’s true value, and the Vikings refuse to trade him unless they can get what he’s worth…then there is no way in hell they will ever be able to trade Adrian Peterson.

Add to this the fact that the Vikings have already made it clear they will not cut Adrian Peterson…

Well it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together on this one. If Polian is right about Peterson’s value, and the Vikings are firm in their resolve not to cut Peterson or trade him for less than his value, then it’s a certainty that Peterson will be back with the Vikings next year.

Unless Peterson gets on his camel and rides off into retirement.

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