Ben Dogra and Rick Spielman Continue Their War of Words Over Adrian Peterson


Adrian Peterson’s agent Ben Dogra and Vikings GM Rick Spielman are sniping back and forth at each other through the press. Yes, that’s what it’s come to.

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On Monday, Dogra gave his most definitive statement ever about what he and his client are looking for. They want out (via USA Today):

"Adrian Peterson’s agent spent an hour holding court Monday in the lobby of the swanky hotel where NFL owners are gathered this week, but Ben Dogra would allow just one comment for the record.“We want out of Minnesota,” Dogra told USA TODAY Sports."

It didn’t take Rick Spielman very long to answer…by once again reiterating the Vikings’ position (the man is nothing if not on-message):

"“Adrian’s a member of our football team,” Spielman said during a visit with a small group of media that included USA TODAY Sports. “He’s under contract with us. We are focused on the 2015 season and expect Adrian to be a part of that. Our whole focus is getting ready for that season with Adrian.”"

Does Adrian Peterson really want out of Minnesota or does he just want some guaranteed money added to his three-year contract, which currently has zero guaranteed money?

Is Rick Spielman really committed to having Peterson on the team in 2015 or is he just keeping up appearances for the sake of the trade market?

Is there a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Is there a Santa Claus? What DID really happen at the end of The Sopranos?

So many questions.

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