NFL Rumors: Vikings Trying to Keep Adrian Peterson Away From Cowboys?


From the first second Adrian Peterson‘s name came up in trade speculation, the Dallas Cowboys have been at the top of the list of potential destinations.

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It makes sense on so many levels to connect Peterson with the Cowboys. They need a running back. They have a crazy owner who is liable to do anything. And, most importantly, Peterson has stated his desire to play for the Cowboys.

Peterson wants to play for the Cowboys so bad he even once cold-called Jerry Jones, a situation that led to Jones notifying the NFL in order to avoid tampering charges.

So the Vikings are well-aware of Peterson’s desire to play for the Cowboys. And according to a new report by Jason Cole, letting Peterson get his wish is the last thing the Vikings want.

Cole says several interesting things in this video. First, he indicates that Indianapolis is still in the running as a trade destination for Peterson. Second, he says the Vikings flat out don’t want Peterson to end up in Dallas.

Here’s what Cole says about Dallas:

"The Vikings don’t want Peterson to end up in Dallas, they’d like to keep him away from Dallas. The question is whether they’re going to be able to win this tug-of-war between themselves and Adrian Peterson and possibly get him to come back to the Vikings."

The Vikings’ announcement that they won’t cut Peterson was seen as an attempt at playing hardball in a negotiation, but if Cole’s report is to be believed, it’s probably just an accurate statement of the Vikings’ position.

If the Vikings’ main wish is to keep Peterson from joining the Cowboys, then they have to either keep him or trade him to a team that is not the Cowboys.

The trade market seems to be drier than a California reservoir, so that leaves keeping Peterson as the only option.

If Peterson’s whole intention here is to force his release so he can sign with Dallas, then the Vikings need only stand fast. There is nothing Peterson can do to get out of the last three years of his deal if the Vikings don’t want to let him out.

And trading Peterson to Dallas seems like a non-starter unless the Cowboys are willing to give up a blockbuster package.

If Peterson wants to get his wish, he should convince Jerry Jones to cough up a couple of 1st round picks. Then I think the Vikings would relent. But short of that, forget it.

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