Vikings Receive No Compensatory Draft Picks This Year


The NFL handed out compensatory draft picks Monday and once again the Vikings found themselves coming away empty-handed.

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After crunching the numbers from 2014, the NFL’s crack team of brain wizards determined that the Vikings did not lose significantly more than they gained in free agency. So no compensatory picks for you, Minnesota.

The Vikings did see a couple of big-name free agents leave in 2014, including Jared Allen and Kevin Williams, but the formula determined that these losses were balanced off by the acquisitions of Captain Munnerlyn, Linval Joseph and others.

Don’t even bother asking me what the formula is or how it works. It’s a big secret that only the NFL numbers-crunchers are in on.

Among teams that did receive picks, the Kansas City Chiefs made out the best. Here’s the run down (via

"Kansas City Chiefs: 3rd round (98), 5th round (172), 5th round (173), 6th round (217)Denver Broncos: 4th round (133), 6th round (208), 7th round (250), 7th round (251)Seattle Seahawks: 4th round (134), 5th round (170), 6th round (209), 6th round (214)Baltimore Ravens: 4th round (136), 5th round (171), 5th round (175)Houston Texans: 5th round (174), 6th round (211), 6th round (216)New England Patriots: 3rd round (97), 7th round (253)Cincinnati Bengals: 3rd round (99), 4th round (135)San Francisco 49ers: 4th round (132), 7th round (254)Carolina Panthers: 5th round (169), 6th round (213)Green Bay Packers: 6th round (210), 6th round (212)St. Louis Rams: 6th round (215)Pittsburgh Steelers: 7th round (252)Indianapolis Colts: 7th round (255)Arizona Cardinals: 7th round (256)"

The Vikings will just have to make it work with what they have. They could pick up more draft picks by trading Adrian Peterson of course. And we know Rick Spielman will be working the phones on draft day trying to get his ten.

He loves having his ten.

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