Cowboys Reportedly Have Not Spoken to Vikings About Adrian Peterson Trade


Adrian Peterson may dearly wish to play football this year for the Dallas Cowboys, but the Cowboys appear to have no interest in making that happen.

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According to Yahoo! Sports’ Charles Robinson, there have thus far been no conversations between the Vikings and Cowboys about Peterson.

In fact, Robinson says the Cowboys have not even so much as contacted the Vikings about opening up a trade discussion. And Robinson says “anything stating the contrary is mythology.”

The Cowboys have always been seen as a natural landing spot for Peterson due in large part to the perception that Jerry Jones will do anything to win now and would therefore not hesitate to sacrifice draft picks in order to acquire a Hall of Fame running back.

Trade rumors only ramped up when the Cowboys sat back and watched their Pro Bowl running back DeMarco Murray bolt for Philadelphia.

Then the Cowboys restructred Tony Romo’s contract to free up cap space and things really got heavy.

But one simple fact always seems to get lost any time the Cowboys are brought up as a potential trade partner: The Vikings absolutely do not want to trade Adrian Peterson to Dallas.

Sending Peterson to Dallas would only be giving Peterson what he wants most in the world, and the Vikings do not want to give in and reward Peterson after the way he and his agent Ben Dogra have played things.

Remember too the controversy from last summer when Peterson called Jerry Jones out of the blue and expressed his interest in playing for the Cowboys. That certainly did not set well with the Vikings either.

All this adds up to one conclusion: For the Vikings to swallow their pride and send Peterson to Dallas, they would want a mind-blowing trade package in return. And Dallas is almost certainly not going to give them that.

So it’s really no surprise that there has been no trade dialog between the Vikings and Cowboys. That deal was never going to happen.

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