Mike Zimmer Has Already Threatened to Maim Danielle Hunter


This weekend’s rookie minicamp gave the newest crop of Vikings their first taste of the famous Mike Zimmer coaching style, a style that falls somewhere between tough love and outright abuse.

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According to at least one rookie, things have already gotten a little graphic out there on the practice field with Zim.

3rd round pick Danielle Hunter is viewed as a raw talent who must learn to better utilize his considerable physical ability in order to blossom as a defensive end in the NFL.

Zimmer got his hands on the promising Hunter for the first time this weekend and…well, let’s just say things have gotten off to an interesting start for the rook.

Hunter told the media what happened when Zim started working with him on the finer points of using leverage:

That actually qualifies as a compliment coming from Mike Zimmer.

Hopefully Hunter is thick-skinned enough to endure Zimmer’s sometimes abrasive style. You recall that last offseason there were issues with some players who couldn’t always handle Zim’s “vocal” approach to coaching.

To Zimmer’s credit, he seems willing to adjust his approach with certain players who may be more sensitive than others. But first Zimmer has to find out which guys are sensitive and which ones can handle being pushed.

That feeling-out process began this weekend for the new guys. And it might get ugly for a few of them.

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