Adrian Peterson Rumors: Jerry Jones Says He Would Trade 2016 First Rounder


Just when you thought all the Adrian Peterson trade stuff had died down for the year, along comes Jerry Jones to send a jolt of electricity through that particular corpse.

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I don’t know how we all missed it – too busy thinking about Deflategate I guess – but last Friday Jones made a statement on a radio program that rekindled the dying fire of Adrian Peterson trade speculation.

Jones was asked if he would be willing to trade his 2016 first rounder in order to acquire a player who would help his team win this year. And Jones admitted that he would, without specifically naming Adrian Peterson (via

"“I’d be reluctant to, but certainly if the right situation came along that could improve us now, with where we are with (35-year-old quarterback) Tony Romo, his career and where we are with what we’ve put together, it’s a good time to go for it,” Jones said, per Fox Sports Southwest."

The Vikings have made it clear that they have no interest in trading Adrian Peterson, and even Peterson’s stubborn agent Ben Dogra appears to have resigned himself to the reality that there will be no trade.

But if Jerry Jones called up Rick Spielman and told him he’d offer a first round pick in 2016 in a trade for Peterson? Spielman would have to seriously consider that offer.

Though the Vikings say they want Peterson on the team in 2015, Spielman would undoubtedly consider trading the running back if he thought it was best for the organization.

Nobody knows what Adrian Peterson’s plans are for OTAs, minicamp, training camp and beyond, but if Peterson holds out and the Vikings decide they’re fed up with his baloney? They could look to deal him, and getting a first rounder would be very attractive.

You never say never in the NFL. Jerry Jones’ remarks can be seen as re-opening the door on a possible Peterson trade to Dallas, but in truth that door was never entirely closed to begin with. Those doors are never entirely closed.

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