Adrian Peterson Will Forfeit $250K Bonus If He Misses More Than One OTA Session


How much money is Adrian Peterson willing to put on the line in order to force the Vikings into a trade or contract re-negotiation (depending on which of those outcomes Adrian is actually seeking)? That’s the big unknown as we hurtle headlong into the future.

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Peterson has stayed mostly silent throughout the past few months, letting his agent Ben Dogra do all the tough-talking, but soon Peterson will have to speak through his actions. His first big decision will be whether to show up for OTAs or skip out on the voluntary sessions.

Most assume Peterson won’t show up for OTAs, which are after all technically voluntary, but there’s reason to think Peterson might be induced to report. And that reason is money.

The Vikings can’t fine Peterson for not reporting to voluntary OTAs, but there would still be a financial impact for the running back if he didn’t show. According to Ben Goessling, Peterson’s $250,000 work out bonus only pays out if he reports for 90% of OTA sessions. In other words, if Peterson misses more than one session, he forfeits $250,000.

Obviously Peterson would not have embarked upon his present course of action if he was not willing to gamble some of his money, so it’s very likely that Peterson will not show for OTAs even if it means giving up the bonus. But how much money is Peterson really willing to gamble?

Under the terms of the CBA, the Vikings can fine Peterson up to $72,940 for missing mandatory minicamp in June and $30,000-per-day once real training camp starts. Such massive fines are the reason few players embark upon protracted contract hold-outs.

Peterson may be a rich guy – rich enough to buy drinks for everyone in a Texas bar, as he reportedly did last week – but he does not possess unlimited funds. At some point the loss of money is going to become a problem for Peterson. And if the Vikings haven’t caved in by then and traded or entered into new negotiations with the running back?

Then Peterson may well have to swallow his pride and report, with his bank account hurting as well as his reputation.

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