Adrian Peterson Has to Go, Says Nick Swardson


“Celebrity” Viking fan Nick Swardson issued his Adrian Peterson ruling to a TMZ cameraman, and it’s bad news for Peterson.

Or, WOULD be bad news if Swardson actually ran the Vikings. But like all fans he’s just a fan, so his opinion is just an opinion.

But if Swardson did have his way, Adrian Peterson would be gone. WATCH:

Swardson is certainly not the only Viking fan who thinks getting rid of Peterson would be in the team’s best interests. Especially if they could get a good draft pick back in a trade.

But there are just as many Viking fans who think Peterson already received the punishment he deserved and should be allowed to stick around.

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Peterson himself would likely prefer not to play for the Vikings anymore, but Peterson ultimately doesn’t get to make that call, unless he’s willing to give up on football entirely.

The only guy who gets to make the call on Peterson is Rick Spielman, and Spielman’s not going to just dump Peterson. Spielman and the Vikings seem to believe that Peterson will eventually report and will not be a distraction to the team once he does.

Will Peterson run like a man possessed for the Vikings this year and lead them back to the playoffs, or will time and all those hits finally catch up to him? The Vikings are banking that Peterson has at least one dominating year left in him.

So sorry Nick Swardson, you’re not getting your way on this one.

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