Adrian Peterson Can Either Play for Vikings Or Not Play, Says Mike Zimmer


Adrian Peterson isn’t going to report for OTAs this week because he thinks the Vikings owe him a trade or at the very least some guaranteed money.

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Peterson’s refusal to participate in OTAs supposedly sends a strong message to the Vikings. It’s a message head coach Mike Zimmer has no problem sending back.

Zimmer spoke to the media on the second day of Vikings OTAs and had this to say in response to a question about Peterson’s status:

There really is nothing else to say beyond that.

Adrian Peterson wants to force the Vikings’ hand. But the Vikings don’t have to do anything because Peterson is under contract for three more years.

Peterson’s only move is to retire or show up for the season. In case he wasn’t aware of this, Mike Zimmer just cleared it up.

Will Peterson heed Zimmer’s words of wisdom or will he continue trying to force the issue?

Some folks think Peterson is being led astray by agent Ben Dogra. Others think it’s Peterson’s ego leading him down the wrong path.

Dear Adrian: If you want clarity, don’t listen to your agent or your ego. Listen to Mike Zimmer, who has no illusions and no agenda beyond winning football games.

Zimmer just gave Peterson the best advice he will ever get. Now it’s up to Peterson to either heed the advice or ignore it.

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