Adrian Peterson Goes On Twitter Rant About His Contract


If you thought things would calm down after yesterday’s “Go Vikings” statement from Adrian Peterson, guess again.

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Peterson may have given up on forcing a trade but he is not ready to give up his grievance. Today the running back fired up Twitter and fired off an impressive ten-tweet rant about his contract.

Yeah, it must really suck having a piece of paper that says you get to make $12 million for playing football. How does he stand it?

Clearly, Peterson is mad that people keep seeing him as the bad guy in the stand-off with the Vikings. He would like us to consider things from his point-of-view for once!

Okay Adrian, give us your point-of-view. And don’t hold back!

Peterson is not the only player to complain about being painted as a bad guy for demanding more money or more freedom when teams get rid of players all the time. Yeah, NFL teams treat contracts like toilet paper. It’s true.

But though the NFL may be run by a really bad bunch of greedy owners, that doesn’t make Adrian Peterson a victim. Peterson seems to enjoy painting himself as a victim but it doesn’t stick.

Fans are not going to have more sympathy for Peterson because he’s taking a stand against the NFL. He is not going to win this one. He doesn’t sound like a man with a legit grievance, he sounds like another entitled, whining, rich athlete.

We’ve seen your side of the story now Adrian Peterson, and you still come across like a jerk.

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