Xavier Rhodes Gets a Little Love From National Media


Pete Prisco isn’t everyone’s cup of tea I realize, but he is nonetheless an important national NFL writer whose opinion carries a lot of weight. And Pete Prisco happens to be a big fan of Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes.

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On Tuesday Prisco revealed his top 100 players in the NFL and Rhodes was a surprise addition at #80 (via CBSSports.com):

"80. Xavier Rhodes, CB, Minnesota Vikings: By the end of the 2015 season, he might be in the top 30 on this list. He has a ton of talent and he is capable of being one of the five best corners in the league."

After starting off slowly in 2014, Rhodes began receiving attention around mid-season for the way he was shutting people down. By year’s end, Rhodes had established himself as one of the best young corners in the NFL.

Viking fans know what Rhodes can do, and the national media is slowly beginning to catch up. Prisco is a little ahead of the curve in recognizing Rhodes’ abilities. I suspect that by the end of 2015, Rhodes will be making an appearance on a lot more of these lists.

Xavier Rhodes wasn’t the only Viking to pop up on Prisco’s list. He also ranked Adrian Peterson at #64 and Harrison Smith at #94.

You expect Smith and Peterson to show up on these lists, but it’s nice to also see Xavier Rhodes getting a little recognition after a very strong second season in the league. Mike Zimmer did a great job coaching Rhodes up after a shaky start. And Zim’s protege should only get better from here.

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