Percy Harvin: Bills giving former Vikings WR snaps at CB


Percy Harvin is known for being a guy who enjoys contact, sometimes to the point where you fear for his personal safety.

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I suppose that, given Harvin’s enjoyment of inflicting punishment, it was only a matter of time before the idea of playing him on defense began getting serious run.

Now that Harvin is in Buffalo playing for the ever-insane Rex Ryan, the notion of using the receiver as a 2-way player is getting serious traction.

And it’s not surprising at all that Harvin was the guy who initially came up with the idea.

Is it totally unthinkable that Harvin could give the Bills extra value as a cornerback?

It would have been unthinkable back in his Vikings days, when he was such a big part of the offensive attack.

But with Harvin’s impact as an offensive weapon dwindling, for a variety of reasons, maybe the time has come to maximize his overall value by giving him a look as a corner.

Then again, knowing what we know about Harvin’s complete disregard for his safety and that of other players on the field, maybe giving him a chance to launch himself around like a missile on defense isn’t the greatest idea.

Harvin the cornerback would definitely be entertaining to watch. But he would probably end up killing someone if he didn’t break his own neck first.

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