Stefon Diggs: Mike Wallace compares Vikings rookie to Antonio Brown


The sane, rational take on rookie sensation Stefon Diggs is that he’s having a really nice training camp and looks like he will be a pretty good player who complements the other pieces the Vikings have on offense.

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But training camp is no time for being sane and rational, it’s time for breathless optimism, over-the-top comparison and wild, irresponsible hype.

And it’s not just the fans and media who sometimes get taken in by this tendency toward hyperbole. It happens to the players too.

Mike Wallace got sucked into the hype game Sunday when he talked about his new teammate Diggs by comparing him to a former teammate who has developed into one of the NFL’s best receivers (via

"You just look at a guy, this is my 7th year, you look at a guy and you can tell if they have it or not, just from the start. And [Diggs] has it. He has that football capability. Great hands. Speed. Routes is crazy. He’s going to be good, he reminds me a lot of Antonio [Brown]."

Comparing a rookie 5th round draft pick who hasn’t even gotten much chance to prove himself against the top corners on the team in practice let alone the top corners in the league in real games to arguably the best receiver in the NFL today?

Sure. Why not?

Of course Wallace is talking about potential, but even so, I think maybe Wallace and everyone else should tap the brakes a little bit.

It’s been fun watching Diggs light up Mankato but let’s remember, it’s Mankato. Let’s see what Diggs does when people are trying to stop him for real.

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