Mike Wallace: Pancake House yes, early sunrises no


Mike Wallace has found something he likes about Minnesota: the pancakes. But he’s not a huge fan of the area’s early sunrises.

The Vikings have a day off Wednesday and Wallace was asked after Tuesday night’s scrimmage what he planned to do with his rare day of rest.

Wallace’s big plans: sleep and pancakes (via 1500ESPN):

"“Sleep. Sleep as long as I can. Minnesota, the sun comes out too early, it’s like 5 o’clock, the sun is already out. Then, go to pancake house. Then just chill for the rest of the day until it’s time to come back.“Pancake house is great. Long wait, but it’s great.”"

So in summation: Mike Wallace is a huge fan of Pancake House, not so much the early sunrises.

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But all-in-all it doesn’t seem the experience of being in Minnesota has been too tortuous for Wallace, who as a free agent spurned the Twin Cities in favor of the brighter lights and warmer climate of Miami.

Of course Wallace was traded to Minnesota so he didn’t really have any choice. But it’s nice to see him making the most of the situation in spite of his misgivings.

It helps that the Vikings are paying him $9.9 million this year. That will buy a lot of pancakes.

You really can’t beat a great stack of pancakes. Get Wallace a sleep mask and he’ll be good to go.

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