Minnesota Vikings: George Stewart slams Greg Jennings


Greg Jennings came to the Minnesota Vikings two years ago with a reputation as a veteran leader who would help the development of young players, but it seems the receiver did not always live up to that rep.

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Only now after Jennings is gone are we finding out the truth about his short-comings as a member of the Vikings. Receivers coach George Stewart offered this critique of the current Dolphins receiver via ESPN:

"The Vikings thought they were getting a veteran role model when they signed Greg Jennings two years ago, but Jennings never seemed to click with the other wideouts the same way Wallace has.“We’ve never had that true veteran guy here,” Stewart said. “Greg was trying to do it, but we’ve never had that true guy who’s like Mike Wallace. You remember that old commercial — ‘When E.F. Hutton speaks, people listen?’ That’s Mike Wallace. He’s not afraid to get into your face.”"

It was thought the Vikings moved on from Jennings mostly because of his failings on the field, but now it seems there was more to it than that.

The Vikings may have been disappointed in Greg Jennings not just for his lack of production on the field but his lack of vocal veteran leadership in the locker room.

Of course, leadership comes in many forms. Jennings may not have been a “get in your face” type of guy who caught the attention of young players but he certainly set a good example in the way he comported himself both with the media and in the community.

It’s great to hear that Wallace is now filling that leadership gap, but the issue with Wallace isn’t his willingness to lead others, it’s that when he struggles in his own game he tends not to handle that in the most professional manner.

Wallace is willing to get in other people’s faces, but what will happen the first time he pouts and someone decides to get in his face? Will he deal with that like a pro or will he revert to the diva-like behavior he evinced in Pittsburgh and Miami?

Sometimes reputations are unearned, as apparently was the case with Greg Jennings the leader, but sometimes reputations are very much earned.

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