Cordarrelle Patterson screws up again, gets testy with media


Another week, another Cordarrelle Patterson screw up. Is Mike Zimmer getting sick of this stuff or what?

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Last week Patterson annoyed Zimmer by getting called for a completely dumb taunting penalty, this after Patterson finally did something good by catching a TD from Shaun Hill.

After Patterson’s TD you thought maybe, just maybe, he’s finally picking up the offense. At least enough to be functional.

And then last night, Patterson gets involved in a busted play where it looks like his fault for running the wrong route.

At the time it was hard to tell who was more at fault, Patterson or QB Shaun Hill, but after the game Zimmer indicated it was likely Patterson.

Zimmer has reached the sarcasm stage with Patterson, which isn’t a good sign for Patterson.

Patterson was not exactly in a mood after the game to discuss his screw up with the media, but that didn’t stop Judd Zulgad from trying to get a quote. Zulgad succeeded more-or-less.

Patterson is pretty close to flipping fans’ hats off in the parking lot. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Meanwhile, Shaun Hill tried to be a good teammate and shoulder part of the blame himself when asked.

Cordarrelle Patterson’s struggles are becoming a very tired subject not just for the team but for fans.

With Charles Johnson looking better and better each week, and Mike Wallace in the fold and an exciting guy like Stefon Diggs emerging, the time has probably come to just forget about Patterson as anything more than a return guy.

I don’t want to hear about Flash’s flashy talent anymore and I don’t want to hear how he just needs more time to grow. This is clearly a guy who doesn’t get it and never will.

Patterson blew off Zimmer’s mentor in the offseason, and he came into camp looking like the same old unfocused guy in spite of big talk about a make-or-break season.

Patterson is all words and no deeds, all style and no substance. Sorry but those are the facts. It would be a waste of time to even worry about this guy anymore.

You need a new nickname Cordarrelle? How about “Flash-in-the-pan?”

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